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Aladdin Lamp Incense Holder

Aladdin Lamp Incense Holder

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✨An enchanting piece that embodies the charm of Arabian folklore and adds a touch of mystique to your space. This Magic Genie Costume Lamp is a vintage-inspired decorative item that holds historical allure and offers versatile functionality as an incense holder or a container for your small treasures.

The Ancient Aladdin Lamp, though not functional as an oil lamp, serves as a beautiful artifact reminiscent of mystical tales. It presents a unique opportunity to store your small crafts or keepsakes within its magical confines, adding an element of intrigue to its charm. The bottom of the Magic Genie Light is gold-plated, enhancing its scratch resistance and ensuring durability.

Material Zinc alloy
Process Metal polishing, metal engraving, hand-painted color tin
Size (approx.):
- Length: 12cm / 4.72 inches
- Width: 4.5cm / 1.77 inches
- Height: 8cm / 3.15 inches
Packing List:
- 1 Aladdin Lamp

1. Due to variations in lighting and screen settings, the color of the item may slightly differ from the picture.
2. Please allow for minor size discrepancies due to manual measurements.

This Aladdin Lamp is more than just an ornamental piece; it's a symbol of whimsy and fascination, reminiscent of ancient tales. Perfect for adding a touch of Arabian Nights' magic to your home decor, this lamp is a versatile decorative item that brings a hint of mystique and allure to any space. Whether as an incense holder or a repository for your trinkets, let this lamp transport you to a world of enchantment and wonder.
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