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Wireless Neck & Body Massager- Built in Heat Compressor

Wireless Neck & Body Massager- Built in Heat Compressor

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Alleviate Neck and Shoulder & Body Tension in the Comfort of your Own Home - This massager provides easy, targeted relief from muscle tension anywhere you need it, for a more relaxed and comfortable experience.

This automatic, hands-free massager provides a deep massage to help alleviate muscle tension. The machine can be attached to several areas of the Body- Such as waist, legs, calves, arms & neck.

Built in Heat compressor-  Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of heat therapy with the convenience of a built-in compressor. Experience a deeper level of relaxation and increased blood flow for improved muscle recovery.

✨Innovative 3D Massage Technology - This neck and body massager is designed with six spaced claws and two sets of 3D massage heads equipped with four large massage contacts to cover the shoulder, neck, and trapezius area, promoting relaxation and relieving fatigue and discomfort.

Experience enhanced wellbeing with this wireless neck and body massager, relieving tension and pain while correcting posture and promoting mobility.

Enjoy long-lasting use with the DC brushless motor, which is designed to operate quietly and powerfully with safeguards to prevent over-massaging and overheating. The 2000mAh battery provides 7-8 sessions of 10 minutes each after just a 3-hour charge.

✨Say goodbye to Unnecessary suffering & unlock the key to comfort today.

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